About Us

Established in 2010 in Israel by a team of senior security experts with expertise in intelligence-gathering and cyber-security, Votiro develops and licenses proprietary security software solutions that proactively defend organizations from high-profile external attacks.

Content Sharing is the Future

You know it, and we know it. 

That’s exactly why you have to open emails, download attachments, and share data across your enterprise.But content is also becoming the main weapon for cybercrime, and it is gaining popularity with each successful zero-day attack. So, how do you secure your content without compromising on data flow?

Making Data Flow Secure Across all Channels of Communication

Familiar with organizational requirements for securing sensitive, proprietary data, we understand the value of a seamless, latency-free data flow across the organization. Otherwise, how can your employees communicate, collaborate, and perform? The priceless value of content sharing is what leads our vision and makes the products we develop address four major objectives:


Protecting content from zero-day and undisclosed attacks no matter the source or type, before they reach the premises.


Preserving 100% functionality of content once neutralized from threats.


Allowing seamless, latency-free data flow across the organization without complex security policies.


Providing the smoothest deployment and integration with existing security infrastructure to enable full compliance.

Those four objectives are what lead us to develop our award-winning, patented next-generation CDR technology. And it is what you need to add to your security infrastructure to seal your content vulnerability- the quicker, the better.