Votiro Disarmer for Content Collaboration Platforms

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Cleanse your Entire Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing Process from Zero-day Threats

File storing and managing via cloud applications such as Dropbox and OneDrive, has become a norm in today’s workflow. However, one malicious file upload can affect everyone else connected.

Votiro Disarmer for Content Collaboration Platforms provides a necessary security layer to ensure all shared files do not contain zero-day threats, preventing targeted content attacks such as ransomware and phishing. Once deployed, every file uploaded to the cloud repository goes through the CDR sanitization process.

With the Disarmer’s protection for file sharing via cloud platforms, you can rest assured all files are sanitized before the user can open them in the cloud –

Making every file circulating in your organization a safe one to use.

Integrates with your Preferred Cloud Applications

Votiro Disarmer for Content Collaboration Platforms integrates with most business cloud storage applications, including Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and Egnyte.

Ensures Workflow is Intact

Votiro Disarmer provides an entirely invisible defense to users, in less than a second, enabling quick access, no matter where you are. Votiro Disarmer for Content Collaboration Platforms integrates seamlessly with the cloud application’s interface, keeping the user’s workflow intact, with no interruptions.  

Super Easy to Start

Deploying Votiro Disarmer for Content Collaboration Platforms is a matter of minutes. All the admin has to do is connect to the Disarmer’s Content Collaboration Platforms plug-in directory and click a button to connect the Disarmer to your preferred cloud storage application. Once connected, when a file is uploaded, it is automatically sent through the API to Votiro’s data center, and then returned safely to the cloud repository. The file modification history then shows the file is safe to use, making your entire file repository’s steady state a secure one.

Increased Productivity Features

  • Seamless integration with existing file sharing & collaboration services
  • No ‘middleman’ interface
  • Scalable deployment
  • Future proof protection
  • Low TCO and easy maintenance
  • Zero latency
  • Allows organization policies according to file type, size, or department.