Patented Solutions that Protect People and Data Across Industries

Every industry in the world faces the risk of security breaches and data loss. We’re here to seal your security ecosystem and make sure every channel of incoming data is completely protected against content threats across the entire organization. We work with the most data-sensitive industries in the world because we provide a certified, proven technology that meets all regulations and integrates easily with existing security infrastructure.

Government Agencies

One of the most targeted industries in the world, government agencies use Votiro’s certified high-security CDR products to block any incoming threats from external sources. Votiro’s unique ability to disarm the most aggressive content attacks without compromising the original data is what makes it such a valuable asset to government agencies. 

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With outdated medical systems, growing data breaches, and a staggering 72% of cyber-attacks being ransomware – this industry is one of the most vulnerable to be attacked by cyber-criminals. We provide healthcare organizations with the highest level of security from their two most prominent threats: external content attacks and internal data breaches by employees exposing incoming data channels to malware. 

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As insurance companies collect and handle vast amounts of customer information, along with their recent migration to digital platforms – core IT systems are undergoing significant cybersecurity enhancements. However, recent data theft and security breaches sourcing from external channels such as email, indicate a growing need to handle undisclosed threats that may inflict much more damage in the long term. Votiro’s patented CDR products provide comprehensive protection against these kinds of attacks and neutralize them without harming original content.

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Financial Services

A natural prime target for cybercriminals, the financial industry is suffering from a growing number of attacks, more sophisticated, broader in scope, and more damaging. 2017 alone has seen significant breaches at numerous financial institutions, with fraud incidents increased by more than 130% and ransomware attacks blocking access to hundreds of thousands of computers around the world (pwc). Votiro’s dedicated products for the financial industry seal off all incoming data channels by protecting the widest array of file types from unknown threats such as undisclosed and zero-day attacks, as well as spear-phishing, ransomware and more.


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Critical Infrastructure

In light of recent natural disasters across the globe, the crucial and life-saving role of critical infrastructures in preventing large-scale catastrophes is only too clear. That is also the reason why cybercrime is increasingly taking advantage of this industry’s security weaknesses: outdated technology infrastructure and patch vulnerabilities. In 2016 multi-vector attacks increased by 322% (Vijayan, 2017) and this progression of attacks will continue to grow, aiming to cripple vital services such as electricity or gas. In this reality, it has become necessary for critical infrastructure companies to defend themselves from malicious email campaigns, ransomware viruses, and other popular cyber-attacks. Votiro’s CDR products are designed to block precisely these types of threats from all external sources, whether known or undisclosed.

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